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Leadership Program

Leadership Program

What makes people happy, healthy and productive? Are people motivated and committed or are people working at minimum effort?

Our Management Program offers theory, practice, and tools to teach managers to motivate and develop people so they become the best they can be for the company and its customers.

Our Leadership Program offers a look at leadership models and provides awareness into what it takes to be a great leader in the workplace.  We start by discussing whether leaders are born or made by looking at the attributes of great leaders. Next we review the five practices of excellent leadership and determine where your strengths as a leader fit and where gaps need to be corrected. You will leave with a clear understanding of what it takes to become a great leader along with an action plan to put you on the path of leading with greatness.

A four year study indicates that firms investing $1,500 per employee in training compared to those spending $125, gain on average 25% higher gross profit margins and 218% higher income per employee.

A research poll indicates that among employers who say their company offers poor or no training, 41% plan to leave within the year. Of those that say the company offers excellent training, only 12% say they plan to leave for other reasons.

With dedicated, motivated and engaged people, an organization and its people will achieve the greatest potential and success.


Management Modules 

Your Role as Manager

Managing Performance

Handling Difficult People

Discipline With Dignity

Delegating Effectively

Decision Making & Problem Solving

Stress Resiliency

The Magic of Motivation

Meeting Management

Time Management

Hiring the Best People

Behavioural Interviewing

Meeting Legal Requirements

Train-the-Trainer – On the Job Training

Diversity: Respecting our Differences

Coaching For Success

Effective Interpersonal Communications

Building the Team

Leadership Modules 

Are Leaders Born are Made?


Five Practices of Excellent Leadership

Leader as a Role Model

Leader as an Influencer

Leader as a Change Champion

Leader as an Enabler of Action

Leader with a Heart

Building a Leadership Competency Model

Leadership – Bringing it all Together







Generations At Work – Valuing Our Differences

Managing Four Generations – Maximizing Results





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