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Want a ROI of 111% versus 66%?  


Firms that invest heavily in training outperform the stock market (in good times and in bad).  A study by the American Society of Training and Development, states a return on investment of 111%  for companies that invest in training versus 66% for those who did not invest in training.   So did training pay off?   Yes!


Training is like watering and fertilizing a seedling … the stronger and healthier it gets, the more it grows, and the more benefits come back to you.  Investing in training will:


  • Attract great people to the company
  • Improve knowledge and skills so people make better decisions
  • Speed up problem solving so customer service and quality improves
  • Engage employees so they are productive and happy in the workplace
  • Decrease conflict as people learn to tolerate differences in others
  • Increase creativity and innovation so new products and services are introduced
  • Retain great people who, along with their intellectual capital, stay with the company
  • Keep them loving Monday!



Why Royce & Associates? At Royce & Associates, we develop workshops and presentations to meet organizational needs, budget and audience.   Our presentations and workshops are interactive using blended learning that combines:


  • facilitator led workshops for customized training effective for transferring knowledge, skills and attributes (KSA).

  • learning style strategies that appeal to all and enhance learning (i.e. case studies, role-playing, lecture, video, group work, and games)
  • self-assessments to better understand what areas need the most attention
  • modular based learning – mix and match to suit your organizations needs
  • workbooks with tools and techniques to aid in retention and for self-study
  • training certificate upon completion of the program
  • E-Learning solution to reinforce knowledge and skills learned in classroom
  • E-Coaching to provide assistance when applying learning in the workplace

Happy employees result in happy customers!  All profitable organizations have a common denominator – dedicated people.  Keep them loving Monday!

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Need more stats to convince you.  Read on! 


Why invest in training?  According to Anne Golden, head of the Conference Board of Canada, training is the best way to improve productivity.  Between 2004 and 2005 Canada slipped from 3rd to 12th behind other countries in the economy category.  Canada has also lapsed into 17th place in productivity and performance. One of the main reasons for this is the decrease in training dollars that organizations allocate to training employees.   It is interesting to note that in Canada:

  • 80.3 percent of all training is delivered by a
    facilitator in the class or training room
  • Only $849 dollars is invested per employee on training
  • Average days spent on training per management employee – 4.4 days; for sales – 3.3 days; forclerical 2.8 days; for production – 5.1 days; forservice – 3.7 days; and for trades – 5.3 days
  • Organizations invest the largest proportion of their training investments on management/supervisory skills, technical process and information technology skills, and professional skills, and the least in basic skills
  • Transportation, communication, public utilities, and the oil and gas sectors invest the most in training and the health and education sectors invest the least



  • A significantly smaller proportion of employees in small organizations receive training compared to larger firms
  • Above-average performing organizations have higher total training investment both on a per capita basis and as a percentage of payroll compared to below-average performing organizations
  • Organizations rated as one of the 100 best companies to work for in Canada invest the most in training per employee
  • Source: Conference Board of Canada, Saks & Haccoun, 2004

The best investment you can make
is in your people.


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