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Socializing HR – Why HR needs to embrace social media and mobile technology

Posted by Joanne on April 18, 2012 Comments (2)

Sidneyeve Matrix, a Queen’s University professor, professional speaker, blogger, and social media expert, spoke at the HRPA Halton event on April 10, 2012 about “Socializing HR – Why HR should embrace social media and mobile technology.” Even her name sounds futuristic and socializing HR is the future – in fact it is already here.

I first heard about Sidneyeve through my son who took one of her courses at Queen’s University. He suggested that I follow her on Twitter (@sidneyeve) because I would probably find her tweets interesting. Later, when I attended an orientation session at the same university with my daughter, I heard Sidneyeve speak. I actually got choked up thinking – “Wow. I want to go to Queen’s if all the professors are like Ms. Matrix.” As an executive board member of HRPA Halton, I currently fufill the role of Director – Programing and Mentoring, so I was very happy when Sidneyeve Matrix accepted an invitation to speak at our HRPA Halton Chapter event on April 10, 2012. 

Sidneyeve’s presentation was a fast paced tour of trends from companies and organizations successfully socializing recruitment programs, expanding workplace training online, and incentivizing and recognizing staff performance on social channels. It was packed full of examples and was W-O-W.  What made the presentation impactful to me, was that her L-O-V-E of her GenY students and all they have to offer, came shining through.

It was great to look at HR from a social media perspective and to learn more about trends and the needs and expectations of GenY.  She noted that the impact of social media will be felt most by companies in the future with:

  1. employer branding
  2. collaboration & communication
  3. talent recruiting
  4. assessing candidates before hiring
  5. professional development of employees
  6. employee engagement.

She highlighted that if organizations want to attract and retain GenY workers, they need to adapt and build initiatives that respond to GenY preferences, needs, and expectations which she summarized as:

  1. instantaneity -60% of GenY want realtime response 
  2. mobility - mobile technology is a life line, the way GenY connect with the world; 70% of students believe being in an office regularly is unnecessary.
  3. frictionless sharing - (Love this term – frictionless sharing) GenY like to share easily and often (photosharing, RSS Feeds, Twitter, Facebook)
  4. personalization - GenY are creative and embrace technology that allows personalization (Pinterest, infographic resumes, web resumes, blogs)
  5. social recognition – GenY respond to meaningful, frequent, and social recognition. Catch them doing some good and tell them.  (Twitter, visability and a chance to stand out)

Are you interested in learning more about these concepts and Sidneyeve’s presentation?  I used Storify to capture my tweets and those of my colleagues, during the presentation, and added my thoughts preceding each tweet (italicized).  Please please share your thoughts on Socializing HR in the comments section of this blog.

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  1. I cannot believe I spelled her name wrong in the first Tweet!! (Terrible! Sorry Sidneyeve!)

    Awesome article Joanne! From a GenY perspective, we recognize that Boomers are the current leaders and hiring managers, and by having the older ones make an effort to reach out to us in our “language”, it will help us learn and grow faster as employees and future leaders.

    Comment by Emily — April 19, 2012 @ 11:21 pm

  2. Hi Emily:
    A belated thank you for your comments. I believe the Boomer / GenX role is to help GenY transition into and be a success in the workplace … AND also to learn from them. I admire GenY’s quest for balance, need or desire to work collaboratively on projects, connectivity, and ability to look at issues in a new way. There is always lots to learn from each generation.

    Comment by Joanne Royce — May 5, 2012 @ 5:23 pm

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