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Generations At Work Workshop – Valuing Our Differences

Posted by Joanne on July 8, 2009 Comments Off

Are you noticing differences between the generations in your workplace?
Do you want to work in harmony but conflicts are on the rise?
Have you heard comments like these before?

That old dinosaur has been working here ever since the cave man!
The kid wants a promotion after six months on the job!
What’s the big deal about coming in a few minutes late?
I’m the boss … just do your job.


This is the first time in history with four generations
working together in the workplace.

We so often bring our own preconceived assumptions – the taken-for-granted notions of how something or someone should be – when viewing generational groups. When we approach others with our own filters and perspectives with a “my way or the highway” attitude we are missing an opportunity to really connect and learn from each other. Often we assume that others should know what we expect them to do, how we expect them to behave, and so forth, without any dialogue about it.

While identifying what’s important to each generational group, we must be careful not to put limiting labels on them. It is not so black and white. It is dangerous to over generalize and make assumptions such as ALL:

  • Traditionalists play by the rules,
  • Boomers are workaholics,
  • Gen X are concerned work/life balance, and
  • Gen Y are collaborative and curious.

However, it does help to appreciate the values and history of each group to understand how they might approach a situation or problem in the workplace and, indeed, what human resources practices will help motivate and engage each group.

You can enhance productivity and innovation in a generationally diverse workplace without banning social networking sites! We can start to build relationships, decrease conflict, increase creativity, and enhance productivity, when we throw away our own preconceived assumptions about a group and start to listen with an open mind. If you want to learn more, please to email or call for more information on our awesome workshop - Generations At Work – Valuing Our Differences.

Here’s what participants have to say!

  • Your activities got us thinking!
  • There was so much discussion and laughter in the room, it was hard to go home at the end of the day!
  • The activities really got the discussion going and drove home the point.
  • Knowledgeable instruction and the most participative workshop I’ve been to in a long time.

Best regards, Joanne Royce

Founder of Royce & Associates
a Human Resources and Training Solutions company
Creating Happy, Healthy and Productive Workplaces

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