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Royce & Associates Human Resources & Training Solutions

About Us

joanne-square-with-plantOur Vision

Royce & Associates will make the world a better place one company at a time, by creating happy, healthy and productive workplaces where individuals are respected for their contributions, held accountable for their actions and developed to their full potential.

Our Mission

Creating Happy, Healthy and Productive Workplaces

Royce & Associates delivers Human Resources and Training Solutions to organizations that operate with or without
a Human Resources department.

We work with clients that understand that all profitable organizations have a common denominator
- dedicated and energetic people.

We ensure that HR initiatives are fair and equitable and appreciate the human perspective along with
profits and the bottom line.

We care about our clients and we build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by
developing people strategies aligned to company goals bringing success to an organization and its people.

We create a human resources and training system that is configured to our client’s needs and implemented in a way that is practical, easy to understand, and cost effective.

Our Values

We speak the truth and act as a strong “people” advocate while understanding company objectives.

We do what we say we are going to do and we do what is right.

We coach, develop and hold people accountable for their own success because with engaged people amazing things can happen.

We realize that people issues can be resolved with compassion recognizing and valuing human dignity.

We help create a vision and culture that people believe in and commit to, resulting in a workplace where people are engaged and work hard for excellence and success.

We are committed to helping organizations create happy, healthy and productive workplaces that result in profitable businesses and opportunities for people.


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