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Should you hire family and friends?

Posted by Joanne on September 26, 2012 Comments Off

There certainly are pros and cons to hiring family and friends. I was cited by Danielle Harder in an article in the May 2012 issue of The Canadian Employer - ”Should you hire family and friends? A successful workplace relationship depends on boundaries, communication and rigorous hiring.

Hiring family and friends can work well if you approach it in a thoughtful and thorough way.

Tips for hiring family and friends

  1. Clarify expectations by clearly defining the role and accountabilities in advance.
  2. Eliminate any overlap in the decision-making structure and redirect issues back to the appropriate manager.
  3. Follow rigorous screening and hiring processes.
  4. Be aware of and avoid favoritism (nepotism).
  5. Plan for succession with family members and invest in their development.
  6. Set boundaries and keep personal and professional lives separate; don’t let family or friend dynamics spill over into the workplace.
  7. Keep open lines of communication to prevent misunderstanding, and skewed perception especially with existing employees.
  8. Plan for a positive exit should things not work out as expected.

You can read the full article here: Should you hire family and friends The Canadian Employer May 2012 (PDF)

What has your experience been with hiring family and friends? Please share your thoughts.

 Joanne Royce

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